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3rd Mozambique Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference

7 & 8 February 2018

Euroconvention Global is organizing its 3rd Mozambique Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investors Conference in Maputo on 7 & 8 February 2018.

As the renewable energy sector in Mozambique is on the move, this event will bring together policy makers, project developers, manufacturers, service providers and consultants from Europe, Africa, USA, GCC countries and beyond. The key stakeholders will be attending and thus available for meetings with the delegates during the several networking moments built into the program.

The conference will focus on the contribution of renewable energy technologies for the electrification of the country, in line with its National Electrification Strategy under preparation to achieve universal access by 2030.

During the two-day conference, participants will discuss and assess investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector, including the on- and off-grid markets as well as energy efficiency developments. The agenda will feature several interventions on financing and the role of the main institutions, multilaterals and bi-laterals, private sector, financiers involved in co-funding the development of renewable energy projects.

Additional information:
contact: Euroconvention Global
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Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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