Wim Jonker Klunne - publications

Peer reviewed journal articles:

Peer reviewed book chapters:

  • Jonker Klunne, W. (2012), Practical outcomes of SANS 10400 XA and 204, in: Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook

Peer reviewed conference papers:

Non-peer reviewed articles and book chapters:


  • CSIR (2010), Investigation into the Development of a Wind Energy Industrial Strategy for South Africa (contributing author)
  • CSIR (2010), Solar Energy Feasibility Studies (contributing author)
  • CSIR (2010), Solar Energy Baseline for South Africa (contributing author)
  • CSIR (2010), Establishing a Framework for Development of the PV Industry in SA, Study on the Development & Impacts of PV in South Africa (contributing author)
  • Klunne, W. (2003), Energy use for space heating in RDP houses. A first indicative survey (World Bank)
  • Klunne, W. (2002), Energy efficient housing in South Africa, overview of current state of affairs (World Bank)
  • Kaan, H. F., C. A. Westra & W.E. Klunne. (2001). Housing for a healthier future in South Africa, Design Solutions for Improving Energy Efficiency. Petten, Energy research Center of the Netherlands - ECN.

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