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invitation to participate in the Ethiopian wind energy project

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) is inviting potential wind Turbine Manufactures (unite size ~ 600 to 1500 KW) to express their interest in participating in the energy development project
The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) is currently implementing a wind energy development program, intended to comprise up to 200 MW in its final stage. In the first project phase, the intention is to install wind parks between 80 and 120 MW at two sites. Please find details about one of the wind parks in the project file.
As all good wind sites in Ethiopia are at an altitude above 2,000 m – as is most of Ethiopia’s territory – EEPCO is interested in a standard utility turbine (unit size ~ 600 to 1500 kW) adapted for high altitudes. It should be a Wind Class II machine with either an increased rotor diameter or increased rotor speed or both. Noise levels are not an issue with these projects as the vicinity of the sites is uninhabited.
For full information, please see the letter by Mr. Wadi Abdurahim (Corporate Planning Director).

Additional information:
News date: 16/11/2005

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